All Change…

I have not been as regular with my posts of late so firstly let me beg your forgiveness.

The reason for this is life…but in a good way.

You see on the 1st September, the contract role that I have been in since the start of the year became permanent. 

It’s been two and a half years of financial uncertainty – wondering what more I could do to find (and land) a job that would firstly cover my bills, never mind a stimulating and fulfilling role in a company that would inspire me to develop my future there. I am excited, grinning from ear to ear. 

And relieved if the truth be known. There may even have been a few joyful tears. 

No more weekends spent trawling job sites, researching and sorting ‘opportunities’, clicking ‘Apply Now’ and in turns waiting for and chasing responses that either arrive by automated email (no matter how friendly and personable the prose, you still know) or not at all. No more looking into my financial plan and wondering whether I would ever be able to take a holiday or save for something concrete (versus squirrelling everything away ‘in case’) and look ahead with confidence.

And no more commuting four hours a day – well from November anyway. Because being permanent means I can commit – yes commit people – to moving. To the other side of London, a garden flat in the North bit (the other side of ‘The River’) that will halve my commute. Where I can discover new neighbourhoods, create new habits and take the final steps to re-building the life I want (I wrote ‘my life’ originally but it seemed a little melodramatic in light of tomorrow’s 9/11 ten year anniversary).

I always thought of myself as a strong, confident and positive person and the last two and a half years have tested this in me over and over. I hadn’t realised how much until this week when suddenly there was certainty in my future and I felt that unremitting happiness deep, deep down. 

The kind that inspires me and restores a little of my faith that it really does all turn out in the end.

9 thoughts on “All Change…

  1. Matthew, don't be too hard on me for my desertion to the other side. I shall frequent Sadlers Wells…well…frequently and look forward to exploring the others.

    Charlie, thanks!

    New Aussie, doesn't the saying go 'the only certainties in life are death and taxes'? Thanks for stopping by.


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