2010…Born To Be Alive…

Happy New Year folks!!!  Sorry there has been a bit of a void in your giddayfromtheUK fix…only 4 blogs for December!  Shall endeavour to ‘pull my socks up’ but hope you know I was thinking of you anyway…

Well we are 3 days into 2010 and after last year’s run of death, illness and hard times for me and my nearest and dearest, I have found myself wondering what this year will bring and where we will find ourselves this time next year…in 2011!!!!  Gulp!!

And then I heard a blast from my past that blew all of that away and left me feeling inspired and, quite frankly, ‘kick-ass’.  

In 1979, I danced to this over and over in my pre-teen bedroom (I was ten!) and in 1982, a small group of 12-13 year-olds ventured on stage at the George Jenkins Theatre in Frankston (Melbourne, Australia) to perform the first of many Monterey High School Variety Night dance routines to this disco classic. 

And 30 years on, it is still the greatest disco track ever…and a fitting theme for the year ahead.

So sit back peeps, dial up that volume and take a trip back in time…


Yeah baby…

Diversity for the Queen…

Britain’s Got Talent – so they claim – but with all the fuss in the press about songstress Susan Boyle, I’d kind of gone off it all…until I heard that dance act Diversity took line honours in last night’s Final. The prize (for those of you who don’t know) is that they get to perform at the Royal Variety Performance 2009…oh and they also get £100,000. Nice!!!

I love great dancing and it was with chills up my spine that I watched Diversity’s Finals performance on Britain’s Got Talent on youtube this morning – amazing, amazing, amazing! The choreography alone left me speechless enough (what an awesome future, Ashley Banjo has…and he’s studying physics???) but the execution by the guys was just extraordinary and it made me smile and go ‘wow!’ in alternate breaths and I felt thrilled and disappointed (in an ‘I just want to see more’ way) when it was over. So I went back to see their other BGT performances:

First Audition:
The Semis:
The Final:

What a showcase! And what worthy, worthy winners…Britain really does have talent!