Welcome to Gidday from the UK and thanks for dropping by.


I started blogging in 2008 and after more than six years, decided to relocate my witterings to a brand new home. The name remains the same as does the ethos: to provide a glimpse into the everyday moments of an Aussie expat’s life in one of the world’s greatest cities.

But as with all new chapters, it’s an opportunity to explore some new horizons and the most obvious change is to Gidday’s look and feel. The masthead photo – of Trafalgar Square – was taken on my daily commute: standing on the corner of Northumberland Avenue waiting for the pedestrian lights to change on a brilliantly blue sky summer morning. I love the unusual perspective, of seeing the world – it seems –  from Admiral Nelson’s point of view.

It’s also a chance to rethink, reshape and recraft based on what the last six years have taught me inside and outside the blogosphere.

You can expect a myriad of reflections on the world – opinions, musings, questions about the things I see, hear, read my way through life.

You can also expect more of those everyday ‘nows’ that remind me that life is filled with millions of these tiny, poignant moments.

And you can still expect a healthy dose of Aussie irreverence. After all, it wouldn’t be Gidday from the UK without it.

So thanks again for popping in. Enjoy and I look forward to your comments.


ps…if you’re interested in seeing where Gidday from the UK began, you can check out the original website at 

The Official Bio

Kym is a 40-something Aussie who has lived in the UK since January 2004. She spent her formative years in parts of Australia that have been subjected to either savage bushfires,cyclones with innocuous-sounding names or have been under water – sometimes all three. She spends much of her time people-watching, reading, eating, reprioritising chores after all of these things and wishing she could bake better cakes like her insanely talented friends. She is fascinated by snow and her favourite word is Why? and yes, that is always with a question mark.
Faced with the challenges of time and distance when staying connected with family and friends back in Oz, she started her blog Gidday From The UK, which not only became their glimpse into her ‘everyday moments’ but reignited her passion for writing and she still wonders where it all might lead.

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