Your 2012 Five A Day – February

Here we are in February, the month when that Mother o’ mine will visit Gidday HQ and  I am fervently hoping for a little of the white stuff to fall, or the box of thermals and winter footwear I highly recommended she send across (rather than traipse around with them in Egypt for two weeks) will go to waste.

Recently I posted about getting back out on the dating scene and with all of that frisson and angst to look forward to, this month’s Violent Veg musings could not be more apt…

Here’s to a frisky February!


Five A Day Back Catalogue

Your 2012 Five A Day – January

One of the things I like to do to start each year is choose a calender to go on the side of my fridge. It helps me to keep relatively organised, provides a sense of anticipation for upcoming events (like Mum will be here in 46 sleeps) and offers a ‘mark’ for the new chapter each new year brings, no matter how much I ‘bah humbug’ about resolutions and the like.

Anyway I had not managed to do this last year and so ventured out on New Year’s Day to the local Martin’s to find the perfect addition to the Gidday HQ Frigidaire. Something unexpected, a little quirky and potentially irreverent.

I was home ten minutes later, grinning and barely through the door before my new purchase was whipped out of its plastic wrapping.

Ladies and gents, I give you your rebellious Five A Day for 2012…Violent Veg!

So in the spirit of keeping the family up to date with my mental (and I use the word loosely) state about the year ahead, I took a pic of ‘January’ and uploaded on Facebook…

Caption: Colin knew he was in a rough pub when he noticed the pea on the floor

…to which the even more irreverent, anti-small-green-veg-etarian Lil Chicky, responded:

Now how is she going to get her five a day if she keeps tossing her greens away?

And so the year begins…

Carrots and other veg…

I’m clattering away on my computer at home (positioned in my front window so that I can see all nature’s goings on outside) when my weekly fruit and veg box arrives, which is the source of much excitement for me nowadays. For a number of reasons really…first of all, looking at all the fresh fruit and veg and semi-planning in my head what I’ll be doing with it all over the next week and secondly, being completely amazed that, for someone who, 5 years ago, was only competent in compilation food (ie. tasty items that can be arranged on a platter to make the food look really attractive and me, a ‘great host’), I am creating meals from seasonal produce – which means stretching my repertoire and not always eating the same things.

This has only been going on for about 6months (the veggie box I mean…) but I remember tasting the tomatoes out of my first box and thinking – wow! – what amazing flavour. Sometimes the weeks are challenging – learning what swiss chard was, washing real dirt off the veggies and working out what to do with mountains of potatoes & carrots (unlike other things, these seem to be available from my local farm all year round!) – and other times, I can’t wait to get my hands on local apples and pears, or this week’s special Fairtrade Pineapple, grown by small scale farmers in Togo.

I eventually worked out how to vary the deliveries to ensure I can actually use up what I get and I feel enormously proud in making things from scratch and wasting so little. We even have a local recycling service that collects food scraps in bio-degradable bags each week so the ‘landfill’ waste is even less than before (and it is truly amazing the volume of peeling and scraps produced!) I even find myself feeling a bit resentful if I have to buy organic produce at the supermarket in between times but this is rare, now that my planning and willingness to search for ways to use things up has improved.

I just have one question….what is the difference between a regular carrot and a ‘juicing’ carrot?