I wandered lonely as a cloud

It’s been a busy few days with lots of catching up with friends, movie going and a bit of yoga thrown in. Today is sunny and gorgeous so a good time to sit in my front window and enjoy life…the washing is drying outside (for a change!), the recycling has been collected and I have finally planted a few sets of seeds and in three weeks time – if the packaging doesn’t lie – I will be tending to fresh basil and coriander, a chilli plant and the  beginnings of a tomato vine. Keep your fingers crossed that these will grow as well as the bay tree and thyme that seem to be thriving under my boot camp regime called Surviving With Water Restrictions (no, I really truly don’t forget to water them at all – I am just preparing the little blighters…I mean loves…for the summer…hmmm).

I can see my daffodil pot from the window too and there are lots of buds just waiting to burst open and wave their lovely yellow heads about…the excitement is increasing to fever pith so stay tuned, the big event is literally days away…

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