Family & friends…

A busy weekend has just gone by, leaving us both quite exhausted by the whirlwind of activity…for me it was off to a hen’s party on Saturday to see my friend giving her singledom a last hoorah…in two weeks time, she will be a Mrs! Even though it wasn’t the big/late night for me that it was for others, I’m glad I was there for just a couple of hours to be part of it. Even though we are in limbo with the sadness of J’s Mum passing away, I wanted her to know that the happy occasions are just as important to celebrate as the sad ones…

Sunday was pretty much filled with family – J’s 15 yo daughter dances and was part of a big show that her dance school stages every two years. We picked her up just before lunchtime on Sunday (already tired from doing the matinee and evening shows on Saturday!) and then hung around for an hour before attending the matinee ourselves – 4 hours covering three themes: The Sleeping Beauty (ballet), Cats (free dance) and a mix of modern tunes & performances (modern & tap) with A having quite a few apperances in all three. Faves were def. Thriller and the Graveyard Mix as well as A’s turn in part of the Britney ‘homage’…and who can resist all those tiny tots in the cute red tutus who wriggle about when they are supposed to be ‘sleeping’ (in Sleeping Beauty) and are far more interested in finding Mum & Dad in the audience. Way too cute – and testament to the fact that motherhood is not for me – they may be cute but it doesn’t make me clucky!

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