My Leonine Locks…

I faced something today that a large proportion of the fairer sex dread…having my haircut by a new hairdresser. I am am reliably informed that this fear is greatest in Leos who see their locks as an integral extension of their very glamour and fabulous-ness. So it was with great trepidation that this Leo breathed deeply and issued her ‘briefing’: I expect to leap out of bed each morning and do very little to it without the use of “product” to have it look amazing and effortless…

After a bit of flirting (well he did mention pole dancer in the list of occupations he thought I might partake in) we got down to it…and 35 minutes later I left the salon feeling (and looking) fabulous…so fabulous in fact that my friend and I had to take my new ‘do’ for a leisurely lunch at a fab French restaurant by the river and let it – the ‘do’ – glisten in the spring sunshine (oh yes, we are also having lots of this gorgeous weather – yippee!)

The true test will come over the coming week – you know, the leaping out of bed thing I mentioned earlier – but for today, this Leo lady is purring contentedly…

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