Growing Edible Things…

Around the end of March I bragged about my small success in producing some coriander shoots from seeds and I’ve also had some mint and parsley perk up from their prior ‘lacklustre’ status. But it all went one (gi-normous) step further this weekend with the arrival of my Rocket Garden seedlings – one of last year’s birthday presents – on Friday.
Over sixty seedlings, from lettuce, peas and spinach to tomatoes, courgettes, beans and strawberries, arrived in a rather large, hay-filled box so I have spent the last two days planting them all out in various containers and commandeering a portion of the communal, sunlit terrace to give them all the best possible start…and as with any proud new parent, I have taken a few snaps of some of my ‘children’:


Tomatoes (Gardener’s Delight variety)

Assorted Lettuce…

Dwarf French Beans… (I have runner beans too!)
Rainbow chard, spinach & peas…

And the coriander that was only tiny shoots a month ago!

I am hugely excited about this new project and have romantic visions of our BBQ salad accompaniment being tended to and provided by your truly. I feel quite proud…
ps..I will make every effort not to blog ad nauseum about this…but if you could cut me a little slack now and then, that would be great!

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