Revisiting my Youth…

I spent last evening revisiting my teenage years – surrounded by thirty 16 year olds at a bqq/costume birthday party for J’s daughter. Wow, let me tell you there’s nothing like it for reminding one’s childless self (again and again…about 30 over!) that one is actually old enough to have children of this age!

I have known J’s kids since we first met (before J & I discovered that we might like to be ‘an item’) and it has been quite an extraordinary thing to be part of their lives and watch them growing up into two fantastic human beings. I would never profess to feel about them like their Mum & Dad (I can hear all of you parents out there affirming that this is something so unique and special). But I can confirm that an extraordinary connection can develop out of learning about each other and working together (of sorts!) to understand how this new ‘friendship’ in the emotional maelstrom of parents’ being separated can really work…
Anyway I was chuffed to be invited last night (albeit a bit last minute due to J not checking his text messages!) and it all went well – A’s friends are great, there were no melees or emotional outpourings to contend with and the house still standing. Would I be 16 again? No…but what fun it was to be amongst these bright young things with their lives all before them…and what great memories it brought back for me.

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