A Windy City…

They are building the world’s largest offshore windfarm…in the Thames Estuary off the Kent coast…and all I have to say is


Okay well maybe I have a bit more to say. I have been an advocate of alternative energy production methods for a little while now – actually since I attended a talk at The Melbourne Writers Festival about 8 years ago that revealed that solar panels on the roof of the Victoria Market generated energy equivalent to powering a number of the surrounding suburbs…and ‘Joe Public’ seemed to know nothing about it! Whilst some reports of late seem to claim that the UK has an abundance of fossil fuel which could continue to support current methods of energy generation, it’s not renewable and it will run out – maybe not in our time but certainly at some time.

Anyway, I am really thrilled to hear about this project – and Friends of the Earth say that it could be generating power in time for the 2012 Olympics. Now that’s a result that will no doubt fuel a few Olympic-sized PR dreams…

And there’s News from the Patch: The strawbs are almost ready for picking – a couple are almost all red and I can’t wait to actually taste one that I have grown…stay tuned for some ‘summerberry’ snaps soon…

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