Aussie Boy Made Good…

There has been much mooning and dreamy talk about Robert Pattison (Twilight) and Chris Pine (Star Trek, The Princess Diaries 2) over recent weeks, and while that’s all well & good, I want to add one of my own – Simon Baker.

Young Simon (Baker-Denny) first came to my attention in Aussie Soap E Street in 1989 and like a fine, fine red wine, has simply improved with age. Even playing bad boy Christian Thompson in The Devil Wears Prada did not divert me and with twinkling eyes and ‘ever-so-naughty’ smiles abounding in his current lead role as Patrick Jane in the Mentalist, is it any wonder that the baddies always crumble…I know I would…sigh!!!!!

ps…he’s quite a good actor too, no really he is…truly!
pps…I learned today that he is only 2 days older than me, making him a fellow Leo/Rooster – surely his wife and three children can’t compete with that?
ppps…J has Keira Knightley to go weak-knee-d about – so by my calculations, we are even…

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