The Hunt For The Perfect Job…

Gidday chaps…sorry to be a bit quiet over the last few days…

This week has seen me take a brief sojourn back to my student days, getting up REALLY early to go to a course EVERY day (that’s 5 days in a row and I am out of practice!) and well, whilst my body got really tired, my head got REALLY full. Too full, in fact, to get anything out that was remotely sensible and/or spelt correctly (enough for you to recognise the gist anyway). You see, I have just finished an intensive, week-long course to get my Prince2 Practitioner accreditation.

A what? I hear you ask…

Prince2 is a formal accreditation for Project Management practitioners and as I’ve done so much change and project management during my career, I thought it might be a good idea to get the badge to go with the experience and then add Project Management opportunities into my ‘Hunt-For-The-Perfect-Job’.

I have not done exams since I left uni (we did two this week, sitting the final one this morning) and I’d forgotten that quiet, unspeakable stress, that tight knot in your stomach and that nervous intake of breath that occurs just before you read that very first question – hoping and praying that the answer will be blindly obvious and that all the swotting you did will pay off.

The good news is that, when I turned the paper over and started to read, it made sense. And at the end of the exam – excluding a few random thoughts like ‘What if I filled in the answer sheets upside down/the wrong way?’ and ‘What if I am not the clever clogs I think I am and don’t know as much as I thought?’ – I felt confident enough that I passed.

The bad news is…I won’t find out for 4-6 weeks.

Hrrruuumph…I hate waiting…

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