The Happiest Friends On Earth…

So I was wondering how to write about our Disney extravaganaza – we squeezed so much into 3 days and managed to come back with almost 600 photos between us (god bless digital cameras eh?) and so many wonderful memories it’s actually quite hard to make ‘sense’ of them in the interesting, witty yet abridged manner befitting this ertswhile blog.

But really, the first thing that everyone said to us when we got back was ‘did you meet Mickey Mouse?’, ‘what about Donald Duck?’ and ‘say hi to Goofy for me’. So what better place to start than some of the new friends we made while we were there…

So first Donald himself was on hand at the Sante Fe Hotel, helping to keep the long check-in queue ‘in check’ (geddit? in check/check in…witty eh!) and giving every kid in the room – including us – the first of many ‘oooh it’s…’ experiences and gasps of joy of their visit…here are our gasps.

Meeting true Disney royalty with Mickey ‘n’ Minnie themselves…oh and Prince John too…

There were some shenanigans (that is hard to spell!) amongst the boys…

…and last but not least, a couple of cuties for the birthday girl…awwww!

Now that’s a birthday party people!!!!!

Stay tuned for more updates including It’s A Small World, the Tower of Terror and and Space Mountain…too cool…..

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