Life in the UK…Done & Dusted…

Well today I took my first step towards my official settlement here in the UK by passing the ‘Life in the UK’ test – 24 multiple choice questions over three quarters of an hour – which I managed to complete in about 5mins!  Hooray for me…

Now all I have to do is collect 5 years of bank statements, document my travels in and out of the UK over the last 5 years – which is quite a lot given the travelling I’ve done for my various jobs – acquire two passport-sized photos (Sainsbury’s photo booth, here I come!), fill in the application form (19 pages), pay £820 and wait…

I have been feeling quietly nervous leading up to today’s test, in retrospect more than it seemed to warrant.  But it is really unsettling to think that I’ve worked hard and built this wonderful life for myself here in the UK and my future here lies in someone else’s hands.  Only time will tell I guess but let me just say that I will be so thrilled to get my ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) status sorted…

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