Strictly Super…

Dear Strictly Come Dancing

How excited am I…you are back – with two nights and 16 dances a week…wicked!  Brucie’s on form, Tess looks great and I’m lovin’ the new two night format. Giving the celebs the chance to do a Ballroom and a Latin routine right from the start is definitely ‘the goods’…just think, we’ll never know what hidden talents all those poor early-exit-ers from the prior series may have had that we never got to see. 

So who are my faves at this early stage?  Well here’s my top 3:

  1. Craig Hollins – he looks way too cute (bit like Dec from Ant ‘n’ Dec don’t you think?) to bring on a mean tango and then a rauchy rumba. But bring it on he did – way to go sunshine!
  2. Ali Bastion – gorgeous and talented and can’t believe she’s not danced before. But time will tell – I’m not so sure I can see her in a cheeky salsa or sexy samba but amazing for week 1 – you go girl!
  3. Ricky Groves – the dancing technique may be a bit suspect but man o man the boy can give it some!  Could not stop grinning at his cha cha cha…fab-u-lous!

And about Martina Hingis being the first to go? Honestly, I was not really fussed either way and Len did hit it bang on with the donut-without-the-jam comment (looks great on the outside but a bit disappointing once you get into it) but she was very gracious and kept smiling so good for her.  More gutted about Matt Cutler exiting with her…sigh…

5 days to go until my next fix of sequins, stars and Strictly…how nice to have your glitz and glamour back for a few short months…and looking forward to your brightening up the chilly evenings ahead.

Yours in dancing

Quickstep Kym

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