Definitely Not Leaving…

My Indefinite Leave To Remain in the UK has come through.  

The Royal Mail card has been sitting on the table by the door waiting until today when I could get to the Post Office to pick up the Special Delivery Parcel this morning and there was my passport, my documents and the most anticipated letter ever confirming that I am ‘no longer subject to immigration restrictions’.

There were a few tears of relief…it hasn’t mattered how many times I have logic-ed it all out with ‘of course it won’t be a problem, I more than meet the criteria and submitted absolutely everything that they have asked for’, a tiny voice in my head (you know, THAT voice) kept muttering ‘but you haven’t been working for most of this year’ and ‘you don’t have a stable income/job’ so there has been an internal battle since submitting my application 8 weeks ago which I am so relieved as over…

It’s been almost 6 years since I arrived in London and it’s been challenging and imperfect and joyful and rewarding to build my life here on terms I didn’t know would ever be mine and to make different choices, ones I thought I would never face or even dream I would have to make.  But I feel like I’ve earned this life – it’s mine and being here is not in someone else’s hands anymore – and I’m happier than I ever thought was possible.

So for those of you at ‘home’ (my first one anyway) who still miss me, this news may be a double-edged sword but please know that I’m loved and happy here…and I’m only ever a blog away….

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