News Flash…Elvis Sighting in New Malden…

I caught up with a friend for dinner on Thursday night and she had booked us a table at a local curry place that neither of us had been to before (Sesame in New Malden if you are absolutely dying to know).

So I arrived a little after my friend and as we embraced and said ‘hello, it’s good to see you’ and all that, she tells me that, unbeknownst to her upon booking, tonight Sesame is trialling a little something new to accompany its traditional Indian & Thai menu…


…yes, we looked at each other like that too!

Anyway, we ordered a drink, made our selections from the evening’s menu and had started out on almost a year’s worth of catching up when all of a sudden there was a flash, and Elvis had entered the building (albeit via the kitchen).  Surrounded by a number of groups celebrating birthdays, Christmas and anything in between, we looked bemusedly at each other, tucked in to some great food – actually the food was fantastic and I want to make sure that I make that point in the midst of all of the wittering on about Elvis – settled in to watch the show.

And what a cracking show it was!  The voice was excellent and Elvis’ charm and swagger had us all Returning to Sender and Viva Las Vegas-ing before we knew it.  Hit after well-known hit followed and after an hour of belting out those tunes, Elvis took a little break – which then resulted in some ‘here’s the highlights’ style catching up for us before his imminent return 30mins later.  Another hour of faves ensued – like Suspicious Minds, Burning Love and Can’t Help Falling in Love – and it was 11 o’clock when Elvis took his Final Curtin and left the building (again via the kitchen).

So what was supposed to be a sedate catch up between friends turned into a bit of a riot (in a good way of course) and we left agreeing that it was both completely surreal yet fabulous fun.  The compromise we’d had to make on having a good ol’ natter was definitely worth it and we might it even make it the next girl’s night out that we have!

‘Open Sesame’ really did produce a gem of a night…

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