Google Ad(Non)Sense…

I am perturbed.

A little while ago I decided to give Google Adsense a try and dutifully loaded that little box of Google mystery onto my blog page.

As I added new blog posts, I started to notice that the ads changed depending on what I blogged about (particularly in relation to my tags).  ‘This is quite exciting’, I thought to myself. ‘I am obviously getting the hang of this!’

But recently I have noticed that there seems to be a theme that I don’t understand.  Something that I don’t think I have actually blogged about.  And I am a bit reticent to mention the word in case it gets stuck in my little Google box forever…but here goes….


Yes dogs…or more specifically products for dogs – dog biscuits, dog leads, dog walking even dog vitamins…

I’m confused…

There has also been little progress on my attempts at bus-blogging (see my last post by clicking here)…my mobile email seems to have developed an intermittent allergy to various parts of the journey home…maybe it’s confused too…


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