Mum’s the Word…

It’s another gloriously day here in SW London, my front garden is dappled with sunshine and the light is streaming in through my front window (and actually making me notice that the windows need a clean).  I’ve just come back from town with the top down on my car with the spring air on my cheeks and I’m mildly excited by the mere thought that I might be able to put my wet-laundry-bound clothes horse outside.  Such simple pleasures!
But there’s another reason that today is special and that is because it is Mothering Sunday in the UK.  (Yes, 2 whole months prior to the Australian one, giving me plenty of time to shop for a card before they all disappear and post it to Australia.)  I don’t normally celebrate this early version but this year it seems important for three very important reasons…

…my friend A celebrates her very first Mother’s Day today…

…we missed celebrating with J’s Mum last year (she passed away just 4 days prior)…

…my Mum – who I will see for the first time in 3 years in May – is worth more than just one paltry day and in any case,should not have to wait until May.

So to all the Mums and Mums-of-Mums and Mums-of-Mums-of-Mums, and especially to my very own superstar Mum…here’s to you, to all the roles you play, all the things you are to every one of us and all the things you do.

Happy Mother’s Day x

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