This Leo’s Pride…

I was just sitting here in the glorious sunshine wondering what on earth to write about today.  The washing machine is burbling away in the background, I’ve done a whole lot of admin and the world seems like a very lovely place to be in right now…and then J popped in to show me the latest PR on a project that he completed recently and all of a sudden, I knew exactly what I wanted to tell you all…

I am really proud of my fella!

Not being able to draw a straight line (or decent circle if you will!) at all, I am always amazed at people who can.  J has 21 years under his belt as an Interior Designer (with Wandsworth-based rdd) so watching him work (well maybe not watching it ALL) and produce these amazing drawings and designs for his clients produces something akin in little ol’ moi, to awe.  One of his latest projects is The Arch, an AB Hotel which opened officially in January this year.  It’s getting all sorts of ‘critical acclaim’, nominations for major design awards and loads of fabulous PR…and every time J shares a little piece of this with me, I could just burst with pride! 

How blessed am I to be completely inspired by my man?  Now I just need to ‘inspire him’ to take me for the grand tour!

ps…and here’s another shameless plug – check out the links in the blog to see The Arch and other stuff from rdd…so cool.

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