21 Sleeps To Go…Better Latte Than Never…

A couple of posts ago, I was bemoaning Australia’s lack of sporting lustre on the world sporting stage but I am delighted to report that there has been a redemption, a pushing forth into the limelight as Australia took the prize… as the best coffee-making nation at the World Barista Championships in London this year.
Yes, Aussies are top of the heap when it comes to making coffee!  And not just the instant or espresso kind either…we are world-renowned in Latte Art (and if you don’t know what Latte Art is, I’ve included some pics for you).  I am not sure this qualifies as a sport as such and I almost daren’t utter these blasphemous words BUT (sotto voce) this strikes me as the occupation of people with too much time on their hands…

But it’s pretty/facsinating/amusing to admire and I am sure it provides latte-wielding baristas with a cathartic outlet for their passion and a little buzz when their erstwhile latte-lovers exclaim with delight over their foaming flights of fancy. 

There are also several How To videos floating about the net so if you are feeling inspired to indulge in a little latte frenzy of your own,  there’s plenty out there to help you on your way…


So quite frankly, I don’t want to hear another word about you having nothing to do.  I’ll have a double shot mocha soy latte with a pretty picture on top…and make it snappy!

ps…21 sleeps people, 21 sleeps…don’t let time get away from you…

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