Picking Up The Pieces…

Over this August bank holiday weekend I have been indulging in something I haven’t done for a while – a jigsaw puzzle.  I always used to do these as a kid on holidays so there’s something about doing this that’s intrinsically linked to holidays for me. 

It’s also the perfect thing for cosying up inside and shutting out world (and some pretty ordinary weather – I think Summer might really be over!) and it’s kept me completely absorbed for a few hours over each of the last 2 days.  So Friday night, I  spread the puzzle roll mat out on the dining table, cracked open the bag of pieces and surrendered myself completely…

THE FIRST 24 HOURS (3-hours Friday night and 4-hours Saturday afternoon)
The border is done (I always do the border first) and centre strip (with lots of interesting bits) is well on the way!

SUNDAY 6.30pm (After another 5-hour stint):
Tah Daaaah!!!!  All done!
Fuelled by chocolate and other snack-ettes I have built my 1000 piece world piece by piece and am currently basking in a quiet glow of self-indulgent achievement – like I have achieved something just for myself without the pressure of chores and other ‘things to do’.  Now I just have to keep that feeling all through tomorrow and that will be one excellent long weekend!

ps…BTW the puzzle roll thing that its on? Don’t trouble yourself with getting one- rolling it all up only produces frustration and disappointment as all the little pieces come apart again. That patent was a real waste of money…

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