Midlife…The Journey Continues…

Those of you who read Gidday from the UK on a fairly regular basis will know that I was recently inspired by an excerpt from freebie mag Stylist to invest my little Amazon birthday voucher in The Midlife Manual.

It’s not a cover to cover read (like my commuting choices) but I’m dipping in and reading a few choice morsels every few nights before I go to sleep.  And I’m inspired to share a LOL moment with you.

There’s a section on a Midlifer’s ‘Obsession With Lists Of Things To Do Before You Die’.  I have been an on-and-off list person so could relate to some of the ‘most common’ – make a will (oops!), have tea at the Ritz (done), write a novel (uuummmm!) and take a trip in a hot-air balloon (done – for birthday number 33).

But this was the LOL moment.  They mentioned that the author of ‘100 Things To Do Before You Die‘ (Dave Freeman if you must know) died at the age of 47.  Quite young you might say and having only visited about half the places on his own list. You’d think he would have departed this world in some grand adventuring fashion, skydiving over Everest or swimming the Amazon. But in actual fact he fell over at home – and hit his head!

I wonder which place on his list he was visiting?

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