A Conscious Incompetent…

This week I started my new job and I find myself back in that uncomfortable place of Conscious Incompetence…when you know that you know absolutely nothing.

Without a shadow of a doubt there’s some Unconscious Incompetence there too (I don’t know what I don’t know) but that doesn’t count because I don’t know about it…yet!

And this has all been combined with some god-awful jetlag which resulted in me hitting – no, head-butting the wall vigorously and repeatedly about Wednesday.  (What a joy I must have been to be around!)

So I’m frantically trying to muster some of my Competence (Conscious or Unconscious – I really don’t mind at this point) to offset that first day at school feeling of ‘how on earth will I fit in’ and ‘what will be my contribution to this new community’.

A bit like when I moved here 7 years ago and began ‘Life in the UK’…

…and here I am, tap tap tapping away in my front window and taking a brief few moments before the inevitable Sunday evening maelstrom of getting ready for the Work Week whilst watching entertainment of the mindless, sparkly variety (currently Dancing on Ice for those of you who don’t live in the UK).

Now that’s something I know about!

ps…I’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome 2 new followers to the Gidday From The UK peanut gallery…Lil Chicky and Anji.  Hooray! Bonza! You Little Ripper! and all that…now settle in and make yourselves right at home!

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