I Am Not A Tree…And Other Thoughts…

After a couple of hours in a local cafe with friends (yes there was a glass of wine involved) I have been catching up on the week’s worth of blogging and I found myself drawn once again to the meanderings of Lauren Holgate (@ ladaisi) by the catchy headline ‘You Are Not A Tree’.

Wondering what it all meant (as it is quite obvious I am NOT a tree), I read on to learn…

Aha, I thought, this is to the point and kind of catchy…there just maybe a gem or two more here!
And then I quite liked this one…

…which is something I try to apply in my daily commute – by NOT being plugged in to earphones!  Believe me, there are moments of fractured glory every day if you watch and listen.  (BTW, did anyone realise that there is classical music playing in the Vauxhall tube station ticket hall during morning peak hour?)
But in all honesty, I think my favourite one is this…

Brutal, cynical and to the point.

Is this really the one that struck a chord with me?

Some say platitudes are ‘crap’ but in my experience, they have an ability to sneak in through a chink in the armour when you least expect it.  And now I’m starting to wonder what this might mean about me…and how I can, in my glass-half-full kind of way, define ‘stupid’ in a motivational and optimistic light.

‘Stupid is as stupid does’ (from inspirational tear-jerker, ‘Forrest Gump‘) is the only thing I can think of so it doesn’t bode well…

3 thoughts on “I Am Not A Tree…And Other Thoughts…

  1. Thanks for the link-back!

    I loved these quotes, too. And by the way, if you're not a member of Pinterest.com, you should join up. Dozens of pages of just such inspiring and sometimes cynical quotes!

    The John Wayne one was among my top favorites as well. . . what can I say? There is something very cynical about me that enjoys a dry sense of humor.

    – Lauren

    Ladaisi Blog

    PS I'm hosting an Etsy Gift Card giveaway this week if you want to enter!


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