Commuting Gems…A Veritable Treasure Trove

Fave freebie commuting mag Stylist was a veritable treasure trove this week.

This cushion got my stamp of approval (sorry, couldn’t resist!)…

I tore out this recipe…

(Skye just won the Qantas Australian Woman of the Year in the UK Award and is the Head Chef at Michelin-starred Petersham Nurseries.)

I agreed (for the most part) with Lucy Mangan’s 5 useful questions for the census…

(FYI: the response to Qs 1, 3 and 5 is Eeeeeewwwww!! Qs 2 and 4 are under advisement)

…but what I was really searching for was this:

And after perusing said list, what do you think my first thought was?  

‘Hey I’ve only seen 22 of them! Best I take this list home for future reference.’

Just what is it about a ‘Bucket List’ that makes one feel unread / uncultured / unadventurous / unproductive?

4 thoughts on “Commuting Gems…A Veritable Treasure Trove

  1. @Kate – I know…what do you think the first thing I do is when I get my annual handbook of National Trust properties? Highlight the ones I've seen and turn down the pages to mark those that are on this year's 'list'! I also have a little voice in my head telling me that not having a car is no excuse and I should at least get the 'London' ones ticked off.


  2. Yes, it's strange how bucket lists, top 50 film lists, classics-you-should-read lists make you feel inadequate. Instead of focusing on those you've done/seen/read, you think — OK. A book a week, 2 films every Sunday, plus a course of skydiving. Have I got enough years left?

    Which kind of spoils the experience…


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