Hot To Trot…Maybe Not

Well, here we are at the 10th of April already, we have just enjoyed two weeks of glorious weather here in Ol’ Blighty and there’s been a whole lot of blue skies, sunshine, short sleeves and bare legs around.

Sitting at my front window watching my washing drying happily (bet you didn’t know washing could be happy) and listening to the birds singing and the bees bouncing (there is a massive hairy bee trying to get in through my closed window – right next to the open door – he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, this bee), I wondered how my kith and kin were faring on the under other side of the world.  Facebook updates of late have not been full of sunshine to say the least.

Upon investigation (it’s Sunday and I am avoiding ironing by finding such things as this to keep me ‘busy’), I have discovered that Melbourne (where I hail from) is looking forward to drizzle and a top temperature of 17C…it is April and my home-town is about halfway through its Autumnal segue into Winter so this is not unexpected.

But London’s temperatures have soared (okay so I use the term a little loosely) into the 20s this week and this unexpected burst of ‘hot’ weather not only upset my ‘what-to-wear-to-work’ planning (summer-y items get packed away for the Winter – much like a family of bears – in a suitcase or in the ironing – not the bears you understand, they are probably in a cave somewhere) but also played havoc with yesterday’s Grand National field at Aintree

Today we are set to reach 19C (and 21C tomorrow)…

– which is more than Melbourne…and Adelaide…and Canberra! And is alarmingly close to Sydney’s 22C…

Truly a moment for we Aussies (from those southern states anyway) to savour…

Until it all comes to a screeching halt on Tuesday with a forecast top of 12C…hmmm perhaps I’ll wait a little longer to unpack/iron those summer threads.

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