Oh Happy Day!

I have resisted a Royal Wedding post, thinking that you may have had enough by now.  But it’s the first day of May, the sun is shining (again!) and I’ve discovered I have something to say on the matter. 

There has been much discussion about The Dress(es), The Kiss(es)The SpeechThe Abbey, The Guests, The Outfits, The Cost and The Boon To The British Economy.

There have also been lots of comparisons drawn between the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana and Friday’s festivities and I am of an age to remember both – having sufficient ‘vintage’ to remember the first and enough of my faculties still present to remember the second despite consumption of such English fare as Pimms (and the sugar loading that is scones with jam and cream).

But in the main, I want to say this…

They looked so happy.  Like two people celebrating their choosing of a life together and basking in the affection and good wishes of everyone around them…just like a bride and groom should.

And I, along with approx. 24.5million others here in the UK, watched proceedings on Friday with a little tear in my Republican eye, raised my glass scone and wished them a wonderful life together.

2 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. I too thought they both just looked so happy!! They also looked like they were gonna burt into giggles by the alter which amused me and made me think they would not have chosen such a grand celebration but were amused by it all. They looked so in love 🙂

    Just stopped by from post of the month!


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