Gidday! It’s Me…

I collected my photos tonight…it’s been a long wait since mid July (another exercise in patience for little ol’ moi!) but at the risk of being narcissistic, I think it’s been worth it. 

I wanted to choose some (of the nine I bought) to share here but I’m finding it really hard to pick my faves. This is not good.  I get unbelievably bored with the state of ‘being indecisive’ and to be honest, if I dither too much longer this post will not go up tonight and you’ll all have to wait even longer – and let’s face it, waiting sucks. So without further ado, here’s today’s top three:

Down to business – the one for LinkedIn
A bit of 007 fun
A smiley, happy me

If you want to check out all nine, click here and you’ll whip across to my flckr album quick as you like.  In the meantime, I’m off to update my Facebook profile with this one:

Colourful, free and ready for a new chapter.

4 thoughts on “Gidday! It’s Me…

  1. Thanks guys! It was loads of fun to do the shoot but I was completely gobsmacked when I went to see the results. Limiting it to 9 from the 36 the ones the photographer had chosen for the contact sheets was a major task. Budget, budget!


  2. They're all good, and love the top three. But I'm also keen for the one where you're lying down (it's great!) and the one where you're leaning on your right elbow. (White shirt on in both.) Lucky girl to have so many great shots to choose from. Watch out world, Kym's in the house!


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