Kindle Women…Audrey’s Coming Out

Yippee!!  Hooray!!  It’s here at last!!

Last Thursday my wi-fi router arrived!

So on the weekend I mastered the shopping (no great surprise there) and downloading, and this week, my very best new toy has unequivocally joined the ranks of Gidday’s Commuting Gems.

The lovely Audrey has debuted by helping me while away the hours to and from work this week with that quintessential (and sentimental) favourite, Little Women.  Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy have laid bare their girlish hopes and dreams, their foolish follies and foibles all over again and have reminded me that, despite my aversion to the slightly religious under-tones, what a truly wonderful book this is.

And for 86p, I bought all four Louisa May Alcott stories: Little Women and Good Wives (the two-in-one that we all know and love), Little Men and Jo’s Boys.

I’m about four chapters into Good Wives and, given that I have read this several times since first reading it before I hit my teens, I am still marvelling at how much I am loving reading this again.

And I still well-up when old Mr Laurence gives Beth the piano…


4 thoughts on “Kindle Women…Audrey’s Coming Out

  1. Charlie, I know. So amazing. Apparently there's also free stuff but I haven't found that yet.

    Jane, yes I agree – I have LOVED my commuting reading this week. But there's something in me that says computer-like items don't go with bedtime so I am still turning the paper pages each night.

    Linda, the dog can wait. Or if he's Dutch he should be up for employing some of the Calvinistic personal responsibility and walking himself.


  2. Welcome Audrey! How can you not love a portable, lightweight gem that allows you so many choices? When I take Daughter to her voetbal practice 2x a week (and also during the hour she has to be there for warm-ups before games start), you'll find me sitting in my car reading one of several books as research for my book and telling the dog I'll walk him in 5 minutes…


  3. Gotta love the kindle – like Charlie I was adamant the Kindle was not for me, now I prefer it to books. Adjustable print, easy-on-the-eyes screen, immediacy of books (especially in a non-english speaking country) and so convenient for travelling.
    We will always want books to buy, special books, but for casual reading BRILLIANT!


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