Prague Preview…Just A Peek

I went to Prague. Maybe I have mentioned this once or twice in my last two posts (which were about unrelated topics). This is what we in the marketing world call a teaser campaign, a (clever) strategy I employed while wondering madly how to organise all the photos (500+ – gulp!) I took. Suffice to say there is enough for a blog mini-series so what you are about to see is something akin to a trailer.

A short walk from the hotel – Namesti Miru and St Ludmila’s Church
The National Museum overlooking Wenceslas Square
Art Noveau at the Grand Europa Hotel
Hustling and bustling in the Old Town Square
Memorial candles at the Jan Hus monument

Gothic inspiration at St Vitus’s Cathedral 
Standing guard in Golden Lane
Enjoiyng the sunshine on Charles Bridge

If you enjoyed this short peek at Prague, stay tuned…

…there’s plenty more where that came from.

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