A Very Chicky Birthday

Today is Lil Chicky’s birthday.
So I thought I’d tell you a birthday story.
The first one was fraught with competitive friction.
This young whippersnapper had the front to question her big sister’s attempts at teaching birthday best practice
Her (L) and me (R)
 But it wasn’t long before she got the hang of it 
Sisterly pride in the background
And tried to muscle in
‘What’s the deal? It’s my birthday, not yours!’
So I had to re-assert my authority
Birthday territory re-established
And by the time we got to her 21st, we had learnt to share
21st birthday of Lil Chicky (in the green dress)
So we played happily together
Outside Flinders St Station in 2005
for ever
Anzac Day Match at the MCG 2007
 and ever
At Sand Sculptures in Frankston, December 2010
Happy Birthday Chicky!

13 thoughts on “A Very Chicky Birthday

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