The Best Things In Life Are Free…

This weekend I was determined that Gidday HQ would take a little more shape in all areas – not just the relatively finished kitchen and living room – but in order to do this I needed to find a way to get rid of the 45 odd flattened boxes from my move a month ago (plus 5 filled with packing paper – never let it be said I am a wasteful girl!)

Enter Freecycle.

The Freecycle Network is a non-profit organisation that allows people to offer and find things FOR FREE. Started in Arizona in 2003 the aim was to create a worldwide network of ‘gifting’ groups to divert reuseable items from being sent to landfill. Since then, Freecycle has grown to more than 8 million members across almost 5,000 communities and operates under the mantra ‘changing the world one gift at a time’.

And what a gift it turned out to be. At around 5.30pm Saturday, I registered as part of my local Freecycle Group (that’s Barnet, if you must know) and posted my OFFER of 50-ish packing boxes/paper.

It is now 5pm on Sunday. From the 8 contacts who professed interest via the network, 3 visited Gidday HQ over the course of this afternoon to avail themselves of My Free Stuff.  I have 3 flattened garment boxes left. In the meantime, I have unpacked and found homes for much other stuff and moved furniture between rooms all in the space afforded me by the departure of said boxes.

So Gidday HQ is really taking shape. I feel so productive and exhausted and happy, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. Almost…I can hear last night unfinished bottle of Grenache Blanc calling from the fridge…

Anyway, props to Freecycle and a bit of community spirit. Both now up there amongst my favourite Fab Finchley discoveries.

To find out more about The Freecycle Network in the UK, you can just click here. There are also links to Freecycle in other countries on the landing page and if there’s not, there’s even a link to start your own group. 

See how super easy it is?  What a community-minded soul I am becoming…wonder what it is I’ll find out about next?

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