4 Sleeps To Go…Heaven In A Shoebox

I sat down to tap-tap-tap away and before immersing myself in today’s expatriate ramplings, decided to have a squiz at what my Facebook alumni have been getting up to overnight.

It was to be a cursory squiz as I had planned to return to the blogosphere and regale one and all with tales of London’s Christmas lights and general festive cheer.

But fellow shoe-fetish fan Lil Chicky had uncovered the most fabulous website on the planet and shared it. It’s called Shoes of Prey and here’s the best bit.

You get to design your own shoes!




So I made some (and gave them names)…

Colour Me Happy
Tiptoe Through The Tulips
Green With Envy
In The News


Make A Splash – I think these are my favourite.

…and lost an hour.

Christmas lights will just have to wait.

I think I may have found Heaven…in a shoebox.

ps…so now you’ve had a little more Christmas inspiration from this erstwhile online publication of all things festive and fabulous, now’s the time to check off another day in the Gidday Christmas Countdown. Only 4 sleeps left peeps…the excitement (or panic if you prefer) is palpable.

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