Bliss For The Worker Bee…

This weekend is a Bank Holiday Weekend meaning some celebration of British-ness has given we worker bees next Monday off.

True to form, the skies have opened, the temperatures have dropped to single figures – 8C is the high for today, THE 5TH OF MAY (yes, that’s me shouting) – and the forecast is not filling me with the hope of any improvement.

As usual.

But a damp-on-the-outside weekend can hold many joys.

Like a cover-to-cover reading of my beloved Saturday Times…

…some inspired planning for my Roman Holiday… 

  …or a few choice flicks (thanks to a free trial from those kind folk at LoveFilm)…

…from the fabulous cosiness of the Gidday HQ couch.

But best of all?

I have nowhere I have to be and I have 3 lovely days in which to do whatever I please.

Now THAT’S worth celebrating.

2 thoughts on “Bliss For The Worker Bee…

  1. Thanks Jack! I'm happy to report that there has been 3 movie sessions (Harry Potter and The Kings Speech from LoveFilm and Sin City courtesy of BBC3 last night) and about 30 pages of the Rome tome while sipping cappucino in Coffee Republic yesterday. Oh and the Samurai Sudoku is done and dusted.

    And it's only lunchtime Sunday 😀


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