Your 2012 Five A Day – June

So here we are. The 1st of June. Summer at last. 
Long days ending in lingering twilight.
A chilled Chablis. A long tall Pimms. A cheeky Gin & Tonic or two.

And maybe a little social over-excitement as we here in the UK try to cram as much celebratory drinking behaviour as possible into any one of those random summer days that deem the great British Isles worthy of their rays.

So get out there now and make short work of the grassy knoll that has become your back garden. Get the little people outdoors, fire up the barbie and put a few beers in the esky.

Just like Colin Carrot…

But remember to slip, slop, slap peeps.


Otherwise being half cut will be the least of your worries.
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