News From The (New) Patch…

Last week marked the start of Wimbledon with some unseasonably warm weather…and a few torrential downpours. The newspapers have been filled with pictures of flooded roads and cars abandoned to the eddies of the rising waters.

But not in London.

While it’s had its grey moments, the sun has shone down on London town and bathed the city in preparation for summer…

Oxford Street still looking all Jubilee-esque
Great College Gardens, Westminster on the way from Westminster tube to Head Office

And not just on the outside either…

Lit in glory, the ceiling at the Wyndham Theatre, near Leicester Square

Gidday HQ has not been spared a spritzing of summer either and I am delighted to report a couple of exciting developments at my new ‘patch’.

Those of you who have been reading along for a while now may remember the trials and tribulations of my first patch, featuring any number of pot-reared veg, a few herbs and the curious case of the disappearing ‘strawb’. Well over the last week, I’ve discovered a veritable panopoly of shiny red berries hidden beneath the leaves overflowing the old strawberry pot…

Luscious and ripe, my strawberry plant has more than just survived the move north of the river

And last but certainly not least, there is a new addition to Gidday HQ. Delivered and legs reattached this weekend, it seems fitting that it has emerged on to the back patio in all its glory after such a week. So without further ado…


…and there’s a big umbrella too!

And the first Gidday soiree is already scheduled…

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