The Spirit of the Games…

There’s the small shindig happening in London later this month. It’s happened a couple of times before. A gathering of sporty types who’ll bring their best, enter the arena and fight for the gold in front of a global audience. Dashin’ and prancin’…
…the Olympic Games are comin’ to town.
And the Olympic flame, that which symbolises the spirit of The Games, has been wending its way to London through rain and shine (but mostly rain) to inspire the people of England.
On Sunday afternoon, a few folk gathered along Hatfield Road in St Albans to eat, drink and wave a flag or two. The vibe on the street was dry (surprisingly enough) and humming with excitement and anticipation…

All of a sudden, the convoy had arrived and with it, the flame…

…and before too long, it was on its way again, safe in the hands of Huddersfield Supply Chain Manager, Glyn Carter.

Just as well we snaffled a sneaky snap while Glyn was waiting his turn…

…to show we were really there!

Only 17 days to go peeps. Are you ready for the Games of the XXX Olympiad?

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22 thoughts on “The Spirit of the Games…

  1. Aha yes Linda I know about maintaining that youthful front too! On a serious note, it was a great experience and there was a wonderful sense of community spirit. I think the torch relay really set the tone for the “people's Games” from the outset.


  2. Still catching up but so glad I stopped by here. Love the torch parade – reminded me I saw a snippet of it in Pittsburgh way back in 1984 as the torch made its way to Los Angeles. (Of course I was 5 at the time, er, cough, cough, yeah, I was 5. That's it, 5.)


  3. Oh Kym, I'm thrilled you linked up this post to the POTMC. It's a delight to see the British embracing the excitement so much. It takes me back to Sydney and the 2000 Games! J x


  4. HHUK I think the Torch Relay has been a real triumph, bringing the Games to the people. And the Opening Ceremony was fab. It's great to be living in the Host City – there's a real sense of excitment which I didn't really feel living in Melbourne when the Sydney Games were held in 2000.


  5. Oh we were in St Albans Sunday too! Friends had invited us up to watch the Torch Relay. Glad we were able to go as we will be out of town when the torch comes through Camden (our neck of the woods). I can barely wait for the opening ceremonies!


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