Just The Essentials…

What is it about life when it delivers randomly themed events that make you wonder what on earth kind of secret desire energy you were channelling?

I went to work on Monday thinking to myself – on my early morning bus trip – that I really must do some bra shopping to support those which precede me.

I open my Springwise email – which, along with strong black coffee, is about all I can manage at that hour – to be greeted by this…

…a breast tissue screening bra that uses smart technology to detect tiny changes before cancer can grow.

What a great idea and a timely reminder to give my protuberances a preventative prod or two.

So I go to work Tuesday thinking I should do a breast check this week (again on the early morning bus ride – obviously these things germinate while I sleep).

I get to my desk, open my Springwise email to find this…

…the Joey bra complete with handy side pocket for your essentials.

Because aren’t every woman’s essentials small enough to fit in your armpit?

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