Much Ado About (Doing) Nothing…

By the time you read this, I will have fled the chill in old London Town to sun myself in Langkawi.

For those of you who don’t know, Langkawi is a collection of 99 islands just off the Malaysian Peninsula in the Andaman Sea.

Whilst I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot this year, exploring new places and reacquainting myself with others, I have not had a ‘do nothing’ beach holiday for about 4 years so back in April, I decided to spend a few pennies and book myself a week in an upmarket pad at the Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa. And after months of waiting for a mere splash of warm sunshine, you can probably imagine that it was with much excitement that I boarded the A380 at Heathrow, especially after a week of sub-zero mornings.

So far I’ve slept (in bed, by the pool), read (in bed, by the pool) and generally moved at a rather lethargic pace. I’ve visited the beach, the bar(s), both resort pools and the spa and my plan is to repeat this pattern for the remainder of my week here. After all, I didn’t pay for a lovely room in an upmarket resort to look around elsewhere or make any more perplexing decisions than which pool vs the beach and which book to read next.

Just in case you were wondering what this level of luscious lethargy looks like, here are a few pics of my inactivity-packed sojourn so far…

DAY1: Arriving in the morning meant my room was not ready so I was forced to wander around and admire the views – this one is just begging for an audience don’t you think?
Once my room was ready, all I had to do was sit on my balcony admiring the view…and wait for my luggage which missed the connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi. No big surprise as I had to sprint down the length of one terminal, get on the train to the other terminal, clear customs and security and run halfway up the other terminal to get said flight. I achieved this, sweating and panting, in 20 minutes. My bag did not.
DAY 2: After an hysterical emotional reunion with my luggage last night and a rather average night’s sleep, I transferred my bikini’ed self to a sun lounge beside the pool for a few hours this morning before heading off to the spa. As it has done each afternoon since I got here, a brief (20 minute-ish) yet heavy shower came down during my walk back, but I just had to stop and snap this allamanda. We had these growing all over our side fence when I lived in Brisbane in the 70s so I had a little moment of childish (and wet) nostalgia.
DAY 3: Time for a proper beach walk so up at 8-ish for a 40 minute stroll. This colourful local is flying a flag close to my heart…
…while this one seemd to have taken a rather long and winding road.
As for my bikini’ed good self, I took my pretty paws (thanks to yesterday’s spa visit) off to the Cascade Pool for the day. (There’s a bar in the pool off to the left of the photo so don’t worry, I didn’t go thirsty.)
DAY 4: Hot and humid again today (surprise!) so it’s back to the Horizons Pool (see DAY 2) for more lying about and reading…
…before a spot of lunch overlooking the beach.
I liked it so much there that I went back that night…
…for a couple of these.

And do you know what? I have plans to simply press repeat and do it all over again. Such are the hardships I must endure.


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