An Idée Fantastique…

This morning I am sitting at the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras International.

I’m here early, having woken at the same (ridiculous) time as a normal workday and decided that instead of lolling about under the covers, I would head down for a perfect mini-break breakfast (Mark II) of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and rye toast. (Mark I – consisting of fresh blackberries and yoghurt – was around 6.30am.)

Replete, I’ve now positioned myself in a comfy chair within eyesight of the boarding screen and have a little over half an hour to wait until train 9018 departs for its glorious cross-channel run.

Yes peeps, I’m off to Paris.

I’ve been to the City of Lights before but the last trip was in 2003. That’s a whole ten years ago so a couple of weeks back I decided that taking an extra day around this already 3 day Bank Holiday weekend and treating myself to a May mini-break was an idée fantastique.

The weather promises to be dry and in the high teens (celsius that is) with some sunny periods so my light layers are packed, my camera is close at hand and with the main tourist sights already ‘in the bag’, I’m ready to wander, eat, drink, shop, wander some more and breathe in the Gallic charm of this metropolitan monument to the romantic spirit.

Boarding has now started so I bid au revoir to the week that was…

…and a cheery bonjour to *gay paree*.

ps…I may or not not post while I am there – it largely depends on whether I can find time between the wandering, eating, drinking, shopping and wandering some more…c’est la vie!

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