Nothing Happens When You Hide…

During the first part of my commute this morning (ie. the bus) I opened emails to find my daily snippet from Seven Sentences waiting to inspire me. Today’s headline – to not dream is to not live – seemed a little clichéd at first but as I read on, my interest grew:

“…it’s no fun to hide…it’s important to realize no one is actually looking for you.”

This was quite a grounding statement to be hit with at 6.45am. And then there was this:

Nothing happens when you hide…the world is simply getting older.”

Being on the cusp of birthday number 44, that rang very true. But what rang even truer was this:

“Waiting to be discovered is essentially a form of hiding. Just be you, celebrate who you are and take authentic risks every day.”

This didn’t resonate just because my big day’s tomorrow (and regular Gidday-ers know how I love to celebrate).

You see, I have been offered an exciting promotion and it was all announced at work on Monday. The congratulations have been a mix of ‘well done’, ‘I’m happy for you’, ‘you’ll be great at it’ and ‘you deserve it’, a wonderful acknowledgement of my last two and a half years in my role. I feel proud and moved, thrilled and humbled by it all.

Then I received an email that reminded me of something else. The journey.

I sat at my desk in the quiet of the early morning office and as I read each of the words, I remembered the ‘dream’ of working overseas, a dream that I had forgotten I had ever declared. But this someone reminded me that so long ago I had shared it and through all of life’s ups and downs, the highs and lows, joys and sorrows, here I was living the ‘dream’. That with hard work and a bit of risk-taking, I had somehow charted my course and ended up where I’d dreamt I would.

And as my eyes filled, I remembered something else.

That there’s no hiding from the people who love and know you best. And that is a remarkable thing.

Because when you hide, love doesn’t happen either.

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