T Minus 43…

Exciting news this week at Gidday HQ.

Chicky is coming!

Yes, after almost a decade of me living here, Lil Chicky has booked her ticket and is coming to experience a bit of London Love at the hands of yours truly.

We’ll get to hang out (so completely ace just on its own) and I get to show her around Fab Finchley and my adopted hometown.

We’ll also make a little pilgrimage across the Channel to visit Dad’s birthplace – the land of clogs and tulips – Amsterdam.

And there’ll be the small matter of celebrating a rather important birthday while she’s here.

So much to do in so little time together.

And 43 sleeps to plan it all.

Luckily she’s already bought the t-shirt…

So in case you missed it, that’s T minus 43 peeps…

Let the countdown begin!

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