Throwing Some Shapes..

Ten sleeps to go until Christmas Day…

…and today I was off for a bit of festive lunching at The Chop House at Butlers Wharf. The Chop House is nestled just under the south eastern ramparts of Tower Bridge and an easy 15 minute stroll from London Bridge tube station. Needless to say I left home in plenty of time for a little pre-lunch strolling – and you just never know when travel plans may go awry.

My ‘extra’ time quickly disappeared as I admired this relatively unknown – to me anyway – part of London. And I couldn’t help but whip out the smartphone and record its moody shape-shifting for posterity this post.

It all looked a bit un-auspicious when I first got there…

…but lovely little shops and cafes lined the cobbled laneways and taking a smart left turn led me to The Galleria…

…whose exit on to the river brought the City’s growing mix of modern shapes above the old sharply into focus.

Looking right, the White Tower of the Tower of London (left) and Tower Bridge beckoned despite the damp and dreary skies…

…while at my back, this strange tree-like shape took my fancy amidst the stark winter branches that surrounded it.

Sometimes a new position brings a whole new perspective and standing outside the More Riverside complex with The Shard looming in the background was an opportunity to see London’s urban face, washed shiny by the rain…

..while the controversial City Hall beckoned further along the river bank.

And no Thames-side meandering would be complete without the magnificent Tower Bridge. It didn’t seem to matter how many times I have seen it or how many photographs I’ve taken before, my hand moved automatically to my pocket to take just a few more… 

So it would seem that I’m not the only one throwing some shapes this festive season.

Only ten sleeps to go…

you should be dancin’…yeah.

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