It Must Be Saint, Nick…

Apologies for the grammar peeps…

Here in old London town, there is just one sleep to go until the fat man in the red suit brings his bounty (although by rights all of you Down Under should be tucked up in bed by now, listening for the pitter patter of tiny hooves on the rooftop).

Having been left with limited options by my seasonal shopping sloth, UPS has been the mandatory vehicle of choice for my deliveries Down Under. So in a final burst of commercial Christmas chicanery, I’ve been hunting for a few alternative methods of delivery to ensure my goodies make it across the miles in time for future big days.

Firstly have reported that the good folk at Amazon are working on Prime Air, a delivery service that will provide customers with their order by drone…

How very cool. But it’s five years away, needs to get through a regulator or two and I imagine it would take rather a long time for my less-than-2.3kg parcel to reach Australia (although interestingly Australia does allow the use of unmanned aircraft for commercial use). Perhaps not very practical.

For more immediate gratification, I really like this idea from West Jet. Turn up at the airport, make your special request…et voila! It’s a carousel of Christmas that meets you at the other end of your journey…

Now that’s my kind of arrival. However, this might just be leaving things a little too much to chance so it’s back to the drawing board.

And then I came across an article on Nick Saint. Who runs a delivery firm.

So it would appear that my search is over. 

It must be Saint, Nick.

One sleep to go til we find out whether you’ve been naughty or nice peeps…are you ready?

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