A new chapter


Welcome to the new look Gidday from the UK .

After more than six years of tap-tap-tapping away, I’ve finally decided to relocate my witterings to a brand new home. Six years is about the longest time I’ve lived in any particular place of abode so with hindsight, one might see the inevitability of this move as a result of some subconscious alarm clock. Or not.

Anyway, here we are – courtesy of WordPress – with a new url:  giddayfromtheuk.com.

As with all new chapters, it’s an opportunity to take the best of the familiar and to explore some new horizons. The most obvious change is to Gidday’s look and feel. The masthead photo – of Trafalgar Square – was taken on my daily commute: standing on the corner of Northumberland Avenue waiting for the pedestrian lights to change on a brilliantly blue-sky summer morning. I love its unusual perspective, of seeing the possibilities of the world – it seems – from Admiral Nelson’s point of view.

It’s also a chance to rethink, reshape and recraft based on what the last six years have taught me inside and outside the blogosphere.

There’ll be a myriad of reflections on the world – opinions, musings, questions about the things I see, hear, read on my way through life.

You can also expect more of those everyday ‘nows’ that remind me that life is filled with millions of these tiny, poignant moments and is all the better and richer for it.

And you can still expect a healthy dose of Aussie irreverence. After all, it wouldn’t be Gidday from the UK without it.

So thanks in advance to my Gidday-ers: those of you who’ve supported my blog in the past and may migrate from the old to the new digs with me. And a big Gidday welcome if you are new to Gidday from the UK.

I hope you enjoy this next chapter and as always, I’d love to hear from you.


pssst…if at any point, you’re interested in a little trip down memory lane, or to see where Gidday from the UK began, you can check out the original website at www.giddayfromtheuk.blogspot.com

8 thoughts on “A new chapter

  1. Hello! This is wonderful. I’ve been hunting for a blog that I can relate to, and I think I may have found one: yours! I am a 44 year old woman who relocated from one region in the US to another about a year and a half ago, and I am still trying to feel at home in my new state. (Not quite as huge a move as yours, but that makes your blog even more interesting for me. *g*) Okay, I will stop babbling now. Looking forward to checking out your old digs and reading more about your journey. ~ S.


    • Thank you for your kind words S. I have been amazed at the community of like-minded souls I have met ‘through’ blogging. I think every expat has a a whole swag of stories about their steps forwards and backwards and I am constantly moved,comforted and inspired by those willing to share these moments and explore new horizons.

      All I have left to do now is give you a big Aussie welcome to Gidday from the UK – enjoy!


  2. Yahoo! More fun insights and quirky images to swan along side the beauty of your stomping ground. Look forward to being a follower. Go give em heck!


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