Smelling the roses

I am not really a gardener. I love a neat and tidy bit of greenery to admire and in the past, have even turned my hand to some moderately successful veggie growing but a green thumb I am not. So when I moved into my current pad several years ago, I did not really understand what I had and the delights that my new garden would provide.

I headed out for a little patio session today and was greeted by this…

Peach roses 2 (640x360)

I’m not a rose person but every year, I’m absolutely thrilled by this profusion of roses in my garden.

And they smell. Really smell. So while they are freshly open, I try to get up close and personal to have a sniff. These peach ones have a sweetish delicate perfume, nice enough but not entirely to my taste.

Peach roses 1 (360x640)

These yellow ones (yes I have two rose bushes), with their deeper muskier scent, are more my thing.

As I have a bit of a penchant for yellow flowers – they are so happy and really lift my spirits – these are the ones that win me over.

In any case, they are too beautiful to pick and it seems that they are happily proliferating in earnest on the bush. So that’s where they will stay and if the number of buds is anything to go by…

Peach roses 3 (360x640)

…I may have a few more weeks of smelling the roses ahead of me.

Lucky lucky me.

7 thoughts on “Smelling the roses

  1. Stunning! What do you do to keep them happy? Liquid Rose food? Left over tea? I have a climbing rose. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes not. I’d like to have more consistant luck with it. I would be falling down drunk with happiness if it ever looked like yours. I might also think I was a genius gardener. But, no worries of that any time soon, LOL xBoomdee.

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    • Boomdeeadda I do absolutely nothing…no wait I prune the dead heads off each year. That’s it! The roses were already here when I started renting and it was about 3 years ago when they went absolutely beserk. It only lasts 2-3 weeks so I really try to make the most of it, going out everyday sticking my nose in the petals and having a good sniff!

      And welcome to Gidday from the UK – I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my post/s. 🙂

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