Your 2012 Five A Day – October

Here we are in October and Violent Veg is paying tribute to everyone’s favourite Fright Night

But Halloween is not the only source of fear and trepidation this month.

Lil Chicky will celebrate the last birthday of her thirties in just 18 sleeps. I don’t know quite where all the years have gone and quite frankly, I’m a little perturbed that next year, my ‘baby sister’ will enter the Naughty 40’s.
The year is now 75% through and the shorter days on this side of the planet herald the end of British Summer Time on October 28th.

And let’s not forget in 12 weeks time, we’ll all be lying in bed listening for the rooftop patter of eight tiny reindeer…yes I’m afraid Christmas will be on us before we know it.

But in the words of Usman B. Asif:

‘Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop.’

So fear not and let’s face the month ahead with an anticipation about what unexpected curiosities and delights it might bring.
And I hope this month’s Halloween thrills don’t prove too hair-raising for you.

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