We’ve been away for a few days for J’s Mum’s funeral and it was with sadness that we said our goodbyes on Monday 6th April (another beautiful Spring day). As the people whose lives she touched gathered to celebrate her life and wish her peace in whatever journey lies next for her, the family bond seemed to grow palpably stronger as husband, sons, and grandchildren drew comfort from each other and the extended family around them.

After the service and the formalities of the day were behind us, we walked across to Rushmere Heath and flew some kites – there was something about the soft hazy sunlight and the quiet dipping and whirling of the kites that was incredibly therapeutic and three generations of ‘S’ seemed to find a gentler space after the emotional intensity of the day.

There was a decided ‘nip’ in the air when we were done but we returned with faces flushed with fresh air and after fish and chips for dinner (my fourth takeaway dinner in a row!) and some family stories, I fell into bed tired but complete, having at last said my goodbyes…

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