…And New Beginnings…

We went to a lovely wedding yesterday…a simple service, an ‘action-packed’ reception with lots of family and friends and even a traditional throwing of the bride’s bouquet (a rarity in these days of modern relationships and expensive ‘unthrow-able’ flower arrangements) which, just for the record, I did not come close to catching…

The bride and I have known each other for about 5 years, having met through mutual friends of friends when I arrived in London which is about the same time that she met her husband-to-be. They survived the tsumani in Thailand a couple of Christmasses ago and finally popped the question to each other during a holiday in Greece so it would seem that significant moments are marked by new places and adventures for these two. Their honeymoon will take them back to the site of the tsunami as well as through other parts of Thailand and in light of their love of cooking, I am expecting to enjoy a Thai Feast upon their return!

Mr and Mrs E, as they became yesterday, were beaming with the joy of being surrounded by their friends and family on their special day, and I for one was touched to be a part of it…

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